RVT Appreciation Month!

This month marks the seventh annual RVT Appreciation Month, a month dedicated to celebrate the incredible work Registered Veterinary Technicians do for our furry friends.

Meet Matt, Marrissa, and Collette, as well as Mercedes (who is a Veterinary Technician and well on her way to becoming an RVT), our exceptional RVTs working at HSLM! These four professionals are vital to our team, caring for over 200 animals in our shelter daily. Matt Truesdale shares, “A typical day for an RVT with HSLM involves examining, vaccinating, deworming, and medicating the animals within the shelter. We also book medical procedures, including spay and neuter surgeries, with veterinary clinics in preparation for them to be adopted. Additionally, we educate adopters about any health concerns their new family member may have, as well as answering any questions regarding pet ownership and veterinary care.”

Through the good times and the bad, the RVTs are always there for our animals. Although challenging at times, their passion for animal health and welfare always shines through – whether that be working long hours, sleeping over at the shelter to monitor a dog’s health, or carrying orphan kittens in a towel sling to give them extra love.

Not only are we grateful for their expertise and hard work, but they are also a joy to work with. Staff members at HSLM would describe our RVTs as ‘caring, empathetic, passionate and kind’.

“A registered veterinary technician is not just an advocate for the voiceless, but a guardian of their well-being, a source of comfort in times of distress, and a testament to the immeasurable value of compassionate care in the world of animal health. HSLM is so lucky to have these valuable professionals on our staff.” – HSLM Executive Director, Steve Ryall

Our RVTs cannot do their lifesaving work without the help of donors. One of the best ways to provide support is to become a monthly donor. For as little as $5/month, you could be part of a special group of community members who help provide sustainable care for our animals! Learn more.

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