Adopt a pet and bring a new best friend home

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience that brings many rewards. There are also many responsibilities. Pets must be cared for and protected. These guidelines outline many of those responsibilities. They describe the questions you should ask before choosing your pet.

Spaying & Neutering

All dogs and cats are spayed and neutered before they are adopted.

Adoption Fees

  • Cats and Kittens – $200*
  • Senior Cats (+10 years)  $100*
  • Dogs & Puppies – $400*
  • Senior Dogs (+10 years)  $200*
    *Includes a $50 non-refundable administration fee
  • Rabbit – $50*
  • Guinea Pig – $20*
  • Hamster/Rat/Mouse – $25*
  • Budgie – $25*
  • Canary – $50*
  • Cockatiel – $75*
    *Includes a $15 non-refundable administration fee

Adoption fee of a cat or dog includes:

  • Spay or neuter (depending on age)
  • Flea treatment with revolution
  • Initial vaccinations
  • Booster vaccinations as required
  • Initial de-worming
  • Rabies vaccination (at owners expense if pet is under the age of 16 weeks)
  • 6 week trial of pet insurance
  • Welcome package from Ren’s Pets Depot including a $25.00 gift card
  • 7 day supply of food
  • Some animals may receive more tests or treatment (this information will be outlined in the medical record you receive for your adopted pet)

Payment Options

We accept cash, Interac, Visa or MasterCard but are unable to accept cheques.

Adoption Process

  • We require two pieces of identification and proof of current address before animals are adopted.
  • Adoption times end one-half hour before the shelter closes each day
  • All animals in the shelter belong to Humane Society London & Middlesex and we reserve the right to decline applications
  • All animals are open to receive multiple applications

What Are "Multiple Applications"?

Many of our animals have special needs, which require us to select a home that we believe will best meet their particular needs. Sometimes an animal’s needs are fairly complex, placing many restrictions on the home that is chosen. Others’ needs may be quite straightforward and relatively easy to meet, for example, a requirement that there be no young children or other companion animals in a home.

Some ‘special needs’ may involve health or behavioural considerations, and still others may concern particular training needs. Puppies and kittens, as well as several dog breeds, require particular attention as do older animals, those who came to us from neglected or abused homes, and those whose background is unknown to us.

Because of the large array of special needs, and in order to best meet those needs, Humane Society London & Middlesex permits more than one interested individual or family to apply to adopt our animals. Once we have had an opportunity to review all of the applications, we select the home that we feel will best meet the needs of each animal.

If you are interested in applying to adopt one of our animals, you are more than welcome to complete the appropriate adoption application. Because there are several steps in processing applications, it will take several days to select an animal’s new home. Once the decision is made, however, shelter staff will notify the selected applicant only.

Unfortunately, because a large number of people apply to adopt many of our animals, and because we operate at minimal staffing levels, we are unable to contact those applicants who were not selected.

We want you to know, however, that if you were not selected to adopt a particular animal, this means only that another home was found to be more closely suited to the needs of that animal. Because we recognize that most people wanting to adopt our animals will provide good, loving homes, we encourage you to return to the shelter at your convenience if you would like to apply to adopt again.

Our Animal Return Policy

If your new pet animal becomes sick or exhibits behavioural problems within the first fourteen (14) days following adoption, and you are not prepared to take responsibility for associated costs, you may return the animal to us for a refund of the adoption fee.

Surrendering A Pet

Please note that an appointment must be made with one of our Adoption Counsellors at 519-451-0630 ext. 233 or ext. 232 before bringing any animal to the shelter.

Surrender fees vary based on the animal.

All of our shelter residents wait patiently for a loving owner to provide them with a new home. We make every effort to keep these pages up to date. However, there is an unavoidable delay after the adoption of an animal before the page can be updated. Any animal you see here may no longer be available for adoption. Feel free to come in and visit!

Please note: We do not euthanize or limit the length of stay of healthy, adoptable animals.