Whiskers at Work Program

Whiskers at Work Program

While most cats enjoy living in a home, there are certain felines who are surrendered to HSLM that are not suited for this type of lifestyle. This is why the HSLM Whiskers at Work Program was established. Adoption through the HSLM Whiskers at Work Program offers a safe and happy life for these felines.

These cats range in temperament from feral to friendly, preferring the freedom and independence which consists of indoor/outdoor living arrangements.

Please be advised that HSLM is not recruiting cats to add to our Whiskers at Work Program. This program was launched to provide homes for cats who are already in our care.

Whiskers at Work cat adoptions are scheduled by appointment only.

Whiskers at Work Program Caretaker Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be willing to provide shelter (a permanent heated building or structure like a barn, warehouse, stable or garage where they will be safe), food, water and veterinary care to cat(s) as needed.
  • Applicant must be committed to long-term care of cat(s) and not simply seeking a short-term solution.
  • Someone must live on the property or check in with the cat(s) on a daily basis.
  • If dogs live on the property, they must not have a high prey drive or history of injuring cats or squirrels.

Please note that HSLM will not be held liable if your Whiskers at Work cat(s) are ineffective at their assigned job of “mouser."

Adoption Fees

There is no adoption fee for a Whiskers at Work cat, however a donation towards the medical care of other cats in this program is much appreciated, as HSLM is a non-profit, charitable organization and receives no government funding.

Adoption of a Whiskers at Work Cat includes:

    • Spay or neuter
    • Microchipped
    • Flea treatment with revolution
    • Initial vaccinations
    • Initial de-worming
    • Rabies vaccination
    • 30 days of Pet Insurance (some exceptions)
    • 7 day supply of food
    • Any additional tests or treatments will be outlined in the medical record

Adoption Process

1. Once a potential adopter reaches out to adoptions@hslm.ca and is interested in adopting a Whiskers at Work (WAW) cat, a WAW application will be emailed to them to fill out and email back.
2. Upon review, an Adoption Councillor will contact the applicant.
3. After a phone interview, the Adoption Councillor will invite the potential adopter to pick up the cat(s) from HSLM. WAW cat adoption fees are $0. If the adopter wants to make a donation they can do so by credit card only.
4. If the adopter has their own carrier for the cat(s) we will ask them to leave it in the administrative lobby area; an HSLM staff member wearing gloves and a mask will disinfect it. Then we will bring the cat(s) to the lobby area and put them in the proper carrier. The HSLM Whiskers at Work Adoption Package will be left in the administrative lobby for the adopter to take with them.

Adoption Applications

Whiskers at Work Program Caretaker Application

Caretaker applications can be downloaded, printed and filled out at home and emailed to: adoptions@hslm.ca

Please note all form fields are required.

HSLM Whiskers at Work Contact Form

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