Building Our Forever Home

Our new facility will be able to comfortably house over 400 animals compared to the current 215.

These improvements will make our day-to-day operations much more efficient and allow us to keep up with our growing demand:

Future HSLM facility

The main hall includes space for pet training classes, adoptions, an onsite pet store, and a café to encourage longer visits from our guests. The innovative community space will be used for gathering and celebrating animals in our community.

An education centre is critical to our plan to better serve the community and promote the importance of the humane treatment of animals. In this space we will offer school visits and children’s programs, such as seasonal camps that will focus on responsible pet ownership and pet care. It will also feature two full-service kitchens to rent for events.

A low-cost, state-of-the-art Companion Animal Hospital to offer clinical services to animals in need. Included will be surgery rooms, recovery rooms, an x-ray imaging room and a rehabilitation centre to ensure our animal's medical needs are met. Offering low-cost services to the community will result in less surrenders, a more efficient adoptions process, and better outcomes for animals and the people who care for them.

Ample outdoor space will be allocated to run and play for the animals. Over 6 acres will be fenced to provide dogs and cats with space to socialize and play like they would in a normal home. Our PAW monthly donors will have exclusive access to our one-of-a-kind interactive dog park.

Other improvements and upgrades include appropriate laundry facilities, storage, animal food preparation rooms, a volunteer zone and improved staff facilities. These improvements will make our day-to-day operations more efficient and allow us to keep up with our growing demand.

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