Adoption Policies and Fees

Adopt a pet and bring a new best friend home

  • We require two pieces of identification and proof of current address before animals are adopted.
  • Adoption times end one-half hour before the shelter closes each day
  • All animals in the shelter belong to Humane Society London & Middlesex and we reserve the right to decline applications
  • All animals are open to receive multiple applications

Adoption Fees

  • Kitten up to 8 months  $170
  • Cat 9 months to senior  $150
  • Puppy up to 8 months — $350
  • Dog 9 months to senior  $250
  • Rabbit — $50
  • Guinea Pig — $20
  • Hamster/Rat/Mouse — $10
  • Budgie/Canary — $25
  • Cockatiel — $50

Your adoption fee of a dog or cat includes:

  • Spay or neuter of the animal
  • Any initial vaccinations
  • Initial deworming for roundworms
  • 1 dose of Advantage for fleas

And may also include (if required during their stay at the shelter):

  • Rabies vaccination (at 16 weeks or older)
  • Initial treatment for ear mites and other minor ailments
  • Booster vaccinations

Your adoption fee of a rabbit includes:

  • Veterinary examination
  • Treatment for ear mites and other minor ailments

We accept cash, Interac, Visa or MasterCard but are unable to accept cheques.