One year in the shelter

April 14th marks the one-year anniversary of Felix being in our care. A sad, but true reality.

Felix has been dealing with a unique skin condition that started in October 2022. This skin condition causes itchiness and irritation to the skin. So to ease the pain, Felix resorts to aggressive overgrooming. So much so that he has actually licked the majority of his fur off, causing sores and rashes. Since coming into our care, our team has been working to help Felix heal. He was immediately put on a hypoallergenic diet to rule out any possible allergies, and also prescribed Atopica. Atopica is a medication that acts on the immune cells involved in allergic reactions, with the goal of reducing inflammation and itching associated with allergic dermatitis.

Felix needs a loving home and a family who is committed to looking after him. Over the past year, our staff and volunteers have fallen in love with Felix’s quirky, kind-hearted personality. We learned that one of Felix’s favourite pastimes is warm cuddles and snuggling up on the couch.

Felix is looking for a quiet home, with guardians who are willing to help him through his healing journey. Before going home, a member of our Animal Health Department would like to speak with you about his allergies and medications.

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