News Release: Temporary COVID-19 Whiskers at Work Adoption Protocol

News Release: Temporary COVID-19 Whiskers at Work Adoption Protocol

Due to COVID-19 and to support commitment to social distancing, potential Whiskers at Work (WAW) cat adopters will be asked to follow a temporary protocol. 

Whiskers at Work cats are not posted on the HSLM website or social media platforms. The HSLM Animal Health Department (AHD) decides the cats that are eligible for the Whiskers at Work program.

The information below outlines the temporary Whiskers at Work cat adoption protocol during COVID-19. This was designed to re-home animals in our care that are available, while maximizing the likelihood of a successful adoption. 

  1. Once a potential adopter reaches out to and is interested in adopting a Whiskers at Work cat, a WAW application will be emailed to them to fill out and email back.
  2. Upon review, an Adoption Councillor will contact the applicant.
  3. After a phone interview, the Adoption Councillor will invite the potential adopter to pick up the cat(s) from HSLM. WAW cat adoption fees are $0. If the adopter wants to make a donation they can do so by credit card only.
  4. If the adopter has their own carrier for the cat(s) we will ask them to leave it in the administrative lobby area; an HSLM staff member wearing gloves and a mask will disinfect it. Then we will bring the cat(s) to the lobby area and put them in the proper carrier. The HSLM Whiskers at Work Adoption Package will be left in the administrative lobby for the adopter to take with them.

HSLM reserves the right to change, alter or cancel this trial program at anytime.

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