Help these dogs find their forever homes

Bobby, Josie & Okesha, and Taz.

These are our four longest stays here at the shelter.

Even though each of these dogs has been in the shelter for well over 100 days, with some coming close to a year, there has been little adoption interest. At HSLM, we are determined to try everything we can to get these pups into their forever homes.

356 days in shelter – Bobby, a 2 year old Siberian husky mix has been working incredibly hard on his training. He has been working one-on-one with his trainer, and has been making incredible progress. We’ve quickly learned that Bob is determined and eager to learn. Since he has been with us for almost a year, he has become something like a local celebrity. Bob is looking for a family or individual who will be committed to continuing to work with him and his trainer here at HSLM. Bobby would be best suited in a home without any small children or other animals.

140 days in shelter – Josie and Okesha are the sweetest bonded pair of 8 year old sisters who are so deserving of a loving home to live out their best days yet. They need a home together as they love each other dearly, and HSLM understands how important it is for them to stay together. These two are so full of life and love! They are always making people laugh with their funny antics and adorable personalities. To make their wait to get adopted a little more comfortable, HSLM is also looking for a foster home for them!

For 242 days, Taz has been patiently waiting to find his forever home. Taz’s favourite thing to do is to show off his new toys. This big softie senior really needs his forever home. He prefers a quiet environment without children or other dogs, although there has been a positive experience with a cat and we would consider introducing a feline companion gradually. Our animal health department has been managing his hypothyroidism condition, and would like to talk to future adopters about this medical condition before going home.

Josie and Okesha should be living their golden years together in a comfortable environment.

Bobby should be spending his youth forming a bond with his adopter, and have access to a yard to himself.

And Taz deserves a fresh start, a chance at a brighter future!

If you are interested in adopting you are welcome to visit our shelter, speak to an adoption counsellor and apply to adopt. If you are not in the right place to adopt right now, please consider sharing their stories to anyone who may be looking to adopt.

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