Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?
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Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?

Rabbits are intelligent, social animals. When given love and attention, they make affectionate and rewarding family pets. That said, children should not be expected to look after a rabbit without parental help, as these pets can suffer injuries when mishandled. Rabbits should only be lifted with their weight fully supported, never by the scruff of the neck or ears. Another crucial aspect of their care is that their coat is brushed daily and their nails trimmed every few weeks. Given the appropriate care, a rabbit can live up to ten years. 

Another great benefit of owning a pet rabbit is the fact that they can be trained to use a litter box – just like a cat! 

Rabbits are more enjoyable, responsive pets when living indoors. When choosing a cage, it must be at least four times the size of your rabbit. A rabbit should be provided with time out of its cage every day for exercise and play. The more time they spend outside of their cage, the better. It’s necessary to ensure that hazards such as electrical cords and toxic plants are removed or made inaccessible to keep them safe. A variety of enrichment and chew toys will help prevent your rabbit from becoming bored and damaging your furnishings. Kind training, using lots of praise and treats, will teach your rabbit his place as a member of the family.

A healthy diet includes quality rabbit pellets and ample fresh timothy hay. Rabbits should receive ¼ to ½ cup of pellets per five pounds of body weight each day. Hay should be freely available; it is vital as a source of fibre that leads to good digestive function. Add at least two cups of fresh vegetables per six pounds of body weight each day. Good choices are dark green leafy vegetables and root vegetables. 

All HSLM rabbits are spayed or neutered before adoption, which helps them live longer and healthier lives. Aggressive and territorial behaviour is reduced when a rabbit is spayed/neutered, resulting in a more enjoyable companion.

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit from HSLM, click HERE.

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