At the Heart of HSLM Are Our Volunteers!
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At the Heart of HSLM Are Our Volunteers!

This April, Humane Society London & Middlesex sends a paw-sized high five to its amazing volunteer base as we celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 7 to 13)!

HSLM is so grateful to its 200-strong volunteers who spend their time supporting the shelter animals through dog walking, cat and small animal socializing, and keeping the facility in good condition – through gardening, cleaning, and building maintenance. While the volunteers keep the shelter and animals in great shape, they also are out in the community promoting the work of HSLM through adoption events, Bark in the Park Festival, Pet Gifts and other community engagement opportunities. If you’ve supported any of these initiatives, you’ve met one of our important volunteers!

“Knowing the staff is always open to new ideas on how to make every animal’s stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, is what keeps me dedicated year after year,” says Angelika, HSLM volunteer. “The most moving moments are the breakthroughs with scared and aggressive cats that I socialize with. Sometimes after months of slow, gentle care and love, the sweetest reward is their first trusting lap visit and joyful meow.”

The organization has volunteers who are just new to the organization and also those who have been a long-time help to the animals and staff for over 20 years. What they all share is a love for the animals, and finding them forever homes!

“Volunteers at HSLM allow us to participate in and engage with our community and provide the animals in our care with extra one-on-one socialization,” says Emily Bunney, HSLM Community Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator. “We are very thankful to have such a large group of dedicated, hardworking and passionate volunteers.”

Volunteers truly are the heart and soul of HSLM. Their support makes an invaluable impact on our mission to lead London and Middlesex in building a humane and compassionate community for all animals.

Article written by: Jessica Ireland, HSLM Volunteer

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