Why the wait?
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Why the wait?

On any average day, 4-20 cats are available for adoption at HSLM and over 120 cats are in the shelter waiting to become adoptable. 

Why the wait?

One factor has the most impact:

Our current shelter on Clarke Road, which is over 120 years old, is not able to meet the standards required to have an onsite veterinary clinic.

With over 250 animals in care each day, we have no vet in our shelter.

The result has been a workaround solution: Driving the animals to vet clinics to receive their medical care and required surgeries. Sometimes driving up to 90 minutes to an appointment. And for 250 animals in care each day, that is a lot of scheduling, driving, and undue stress.

Help us improve animal welfare in London & region

In addition to the regular spay and neuter surgeries and vaccinations, many felines require costly dental work, skin and ear treatments, and blood work to ensure they are in good health. Multiple vet visits adds up. Both financially, and also in respect to time. 

The solution is our new home. A full suite clinic on site will alleviate the backlog of animals waiting for appointments. Animals will be able to seek the veterinarian care they require when they need it. Without leaving the building.

Be a part of our solution – help us build our new home.

Your support can help us meet this industry standard of care for the animals most at-risk in our community. Across the country, London is tracking behind. Not having a veterinarian on site is a tremendous limiting factor and one we can overcome with your help. An added bonus: our new vet clinic will offer low-cost animal healthcare to the community – another way HSLM is improving animal welfare in London & region.

Please make a contribution to support our New Home. New Hope. capital campaign today. In doing so you will help end the wait for over 120 cats who are waiting, each and every day. Gifts of any size are appreciated.

Consider directing your gift to an area of our new home that inspires you. Select your option in the drop down menu to direct your gift for greater impact. 

Our situation is urgent. Commitments of elevated values will help us make our new home a reality sooner. To explore elevated gift options, please connect with Kim Godby, Donor Experience Manager at or 519-451-0630 ext 301.

Photography by: Andrea Fleury –

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