Please donate to help fund Milo’s surgery
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Please donate to help fund Milo’s surgery

Milo, the Shih Tzu that was surrendered to HSLM with a fractured elbow joint last week, is scheduled to undergo amputation surgery today.

It is an unfortunate reality that most pets surrendered to HSLM are in need of medical attention; whether it be updated vaccinations, medications, spay/neuter or more serious procedures – like Milo. 

As you can imagine, the costs incurred by HSLM for veterinary care is substantial. The average cost for each surrendered pet is $650. With special cases like Milo, the financial need is much higher.

Some may be wondering whether a dog with one eye and three legs will have the ability to live a long, happy life. The answer is simple, absolutely! 

Within a relatively short period of time, dogs find their new center of balance and can run and play just like four-legged dogs. Small breeds dogs, like Milo, tend to adapt to the loss of a limb even better than their large breed counterparts. And in this case Milo had already started adapting to his injured limb before coming to HSLM.

HSLM does not receive government funding at any level, and therefore relies solely on the support of individuals and corporations to provide vital medical care to at-risk animals in our community.

Please make a financial contribution today to help us provide second chances to animals in need, like Milo, HERE.

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