PAW Impact Stories

Puddy (5 years old) and Marvin (13 years old) were surrendered to HSLM in June of 2022. What makes this bonded pair of Chihuahuas unique is the fact that they are father and daughter!

Both are sweet and lovely dogs, however, due to no fault of their own, were not housetrained, under socialized and had not been seen by a vet in years. Due to these factors, this pair was in need of extra time, love and care from HSLM staff and volunteers before they could become ready to find their forever home!

Meeting shelter animals' medical, behavioural and emotional needs are all of importance. Certainly having both dogs examined by a veterinarian, microchipped, brought up to date with vaccinations, and Marvin undergoing a dental procedure was our first priority. The next challenge was addressing their extreme nervousness in the shelter environment after spending years with very limited time outside of their previous home. They both had to be slowly taught to trust new people, do their “business" outdoors and learn basic obedience.

The extra care which Puddy and Marvin received is a great example of how HSLM PAW donors make an impact on the lives of shelter pets! Nearly three months after their arrival to the shelter, these adorable dogs were deemed ready for adoption and are now living in a loving home, together.

Without our dedicated monthly donors, this level of individualized care would simply not be possible.

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