PAW Monthly Donor Feature: Stephanie and Matt Dalke
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PAW Monthly Donor Feature: Stephanie and Matt Dalke

Stephanie and Matt Dalke have been proud PAW (pre-authorized withdrawal) Monthly Donors of Humane Society London & Middlesex for over 20 years. During this time, they have also adopted pets from the shelter and volunteered their time with the organization.


The couple live in Dorchester with their dogs, Lacy and Basel, and cats, Edith and Charlie. Stephanie is a hair stylist at Adesso, a local hair and beauty salon, and Matt works at Lind Lumber.

It was their mutual love of animals that first brought Stephanie and Matt Dalke to Humane Society London & Middlesex back in the year 2000. The couple had just recently become engaged and decided to adopt a cat. Upon their visit to the shelter, they came across Ellenore who they still refer to as “the best cat they’ve ever had.”


On the same day they adopted Ellenore, they also signed up to be PAW Monthly Donors. They saw first-hand how many animals were awaiting adoption at the shelter and had a strong desire to do what they could to help them.

Two years after adopting their cat, Ellenore, the couple returned to the shelter to adopt another. Upon adopting Esther, Stephanie signed up to become a volunteer at the shelter, helping to walk and socialize the dogs awaiting adoption.

“I have always been so proud of our community shelter and the hardworking and dedicated staff and volunteers who truly go above and beyond to ensure the animals in their care are not only healthy, but also generally happy,” says Stephanie.

Over the years, Stephanie and Matt have continued to support HSLM and increase their monthly donation amount when feasible to do so.

“Some people may think that they cannot afford to donate to HSLM, however every little bit helps and adds up to make a big difference in the lives of the animals,” says Matt.

When asked why others should join them in supporting HSLM, Stephanie responded: “knowing the great need of financial support in order to care for thousands of animals every year, it’s difficult for me to understand why not everyone in our community donates to this incredible organization.”

Join Stephanie and Matt in donating to HSLM on a monthly basis by signing up to be a PAW Donor, HERE.

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