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Now what?

A dated exam room. Limited technology. Low resources. And, most concerning – no veterinarian.

Colette Botosan is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) at Humane Society London
& Middlesex, pictured here in the HSLM exam room. The 120 year old building is
unable to accommodate a vet clinic on site. Photography by: Andrea Fleury –

Humane Society London & Middlesex (HSLM) does not have a vet on staff – and that’s not by choice.

When you look across Canada at other humane societies, HSLM is tracking behind. Animal spaces are too small, species rooms can not be adequately separated, and outdoor space does not allow for the exercise that animals truly need in a shelter environment.

One of the most critical factors is that the current 120 year old building is not able to meet the standards required to have an onsite veterinary clinic.

With over 200 animals in care each day – there is no vet.

HSLM depends on their team of two Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) and one veterinarian technician, to prioritize care and continuously transport animals to receive medical attention and treatment.

The team often has to travel upwards of 90 minutes to bring animals to vet clinics. 

“Simply put – it’s not working. With the state of the economy, vet shortages, and a continual influx of animals being surrendered to HSLM, it feels like a storm intensifying. Like a tornado gaining force,” says Colette Botosan, RVT.

The solution is the new facility, Old Oak Animal Campus, which the team at HSLM is currently fundraising to build. The new shelter will have a full-suite Companion Animal Hospital (vet clinic), with a veterinarian on staff.

“Providing medical care to HSLM animals will literally become ‘a walk down the hall’ instead of a point of stress and uncertainty. And, providing low cost veterinarian services to animals in our community – well, that will just be icing on the cake,” says Botosan.

As the situation becomes more urgent, the team is seeking community members to step forward and donate. With the new Animal Companion Hospital remaining an area of funding priority, HSLM has yet to secure a prominent gift directed to this space to make it a reality.

The hope remains that there is someone in the community who will make a historical and impactful gift that will provide the at-risk animals here in London and surrounding communities the access to medical care that is seen throughout the rest of our country. 

“A lead gift during October, which is RVT month, would be such a boost for the team here at HSLM. It would give the RVTs the hope that they need, to know better days are ahead.

Our team, and the animals they care for don’t deserve to be limited by our current building. We want to lead the way, and our new facility will allow us to do just that.” states Steve Ryall, HSLM Executive Director. 

Gifts to support the capital project can be made online. 

The situation is urgent. Gifts of elevated values will help make HSLM’s new home a reality sooner. To explore elevated gift options, please connect with Kim Godby, Donor Experience Manager at or 519-451-0630 ext. 301.

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