News Release: Temporary COVID-19 Adoption Protocol

News Release: Temporary COVID-19 Adoption Protocol

Under normal circumstances, adopters would be encouraged to come to the shelter to visit and meet the animals in our care at HSLM. Regrettably, due to COVID-19 and in support of our commitment to social distancing, potential adopters will be asked to follow a temporary protocol.

Adoptable pets, which for now will be limited to dogs as visits can be conducted outdoors, will be featured on our website and social media platforms. Once an animal has been adopted or becomes unavailable, they will be removed from our website. 

The information below outlines the temporary adoption protocol during COVID-19. This was designed to re-home animals in our care that are available, while maximizing the likelihood of a successful adoption. 

Temporary COVID-19 Adoption Protocol:     

  1. Review animals available for adoption on our website
  2. Download our adoption form, fill out and email to
  3. Upon review, our Adoption Councillor will contact the applicant. Please do not call into the shelter to follow-up or ask questions.
  4. After a phone interview, the Adoption Councillor will invite the potential adopter to meet the adoptable dog. The actual process will be detailed in an email by the Adoption Councillor and sent to the potential adopter once a meeting time has been confirmed. Note: as this is a trial, we are only offering adoptions of dogs at this time as we can conduct the visit outside, keeping physical distance.
  5. Once the visit has been completed, the Adoption Councillor will then make a decision if they feel this will be a good fit for both the adoptable animal and the potential adopter. If the adoption is approved, the adoption fee transaction will be done by credit card only and the adopter will be able to take home the animal along with the HSLM Adoption Package.

HSLM reserves the right to change, alter or cancel this trial adoption protocol at anytime.

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