News Release: HSLM Virtual Food Drive
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News Release: HSLM Virtual Food Drive

London, ON (November 4, 2020) – With the recent surrender of 88 cats to Humane Society London & Middlesex (HSLM), the shelter is appealing to the community for donations to help replenish their pet food supply.

On average, HSLM provides shelter and care to 215 animals on a daily basis. The influx of felines within the shelter brings the animal-count to nearly 300.

“Our priority is to ensure that we provide every animal with the best care possible; this includes their nutritional requirements,” says Steve Ryall, HSLM Executive Director. “We continue to accept pet surrenders during this time and need to ensure that we have a sufficient inventory of pet food to meet the needs of nearly 300 pets on a daily basis.”

Supporters are asked to make financial contributions HERE.

Many HSLM shelter pets are on Veterinary prescribed or specialty diets. Monetary donations provide HSLM with the ability to work with local retail partners to source the right products to meet each pets diet requirements.

Providing balanced nutrition that suits the need of each animal offers comfort, health and consistency. This reduces vet visits for upset stomachs and improves their overall health as they prepare to transition to their new home.

Alternatively, pet food donations can be purchased through the HSLM Wish List: or dropped off at the shelter administration entrance weekdays between 8 am – 6 pm and weekends between 8 am – 4 pm.

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