News Release: HSLM Celebrates Their Donated Vehicle Fleet To Help Pets In London

News Release: HSLM Celebrates Their Donated Vehicle Fleet To Help Pets In London

Community Partnerships in Action! Humane Society London & Middlesex (HSLM) celebrates their donated vehicles that includes two vans and a retrofitted bus. The previously used vehicles will be out on the road as shuttles for shelter pets to and from veterinarian appointments. The current HSLM shelter does not have a vet clinic, and HSLM Animal Health must transport pets to vet partners for surgeries, consultations and treatments. The bus will serve as an on-site response vehicle for large surrenders of multiple animals. It will also be a clinic on wheels for microchipping and rabies vaccination events in the future.

Voyago generously donated the vans and bus from their retired fleet inventory. “Although these vehicles are retiring from everyday commercial service, they have lots of life left to support the services of HSLM. The addition of these vehicles help HSLM diversify and expand their community support – we are thrilled to see these vehicle repurposed for such a great organization” remarked Voyago President, Corey Jarvis.

OK Tire (Clarke Road) stepped in to assist with vehicle maintenance and tires to make sure that the fleet continues to run smoothly and safely. Owner Jordan Nash said, “We are thrilled to be involved with such a worthwhile cause and are lucky to have met such incredibly dedicated people. They are truly passionate about the animals they care for and the people they connect them with.”

Retrofitting of the bus donated by Overland Custom Coach, features stainless steel counters and secured kennels to make this vehicle operational for emergency response and service the community at events. “It was a particularly meaningful pleasure to be involved with the HSLM mobile project as the Overland Custom Coach team has so many dog lovers on our staff who are deeply and actively supportive of animal well being. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to contribute to animal health and education here in our own community with HSLM,” said Overland Custom Coach owner Bart Dries.

“We cannot express how grateful we are for the continued support from our business community. As an animal shelter that operates solely from the donations we receive, these types of partners truly make our work possible. Without their gifts, we would not be able to provide medical care and shelter to over 250 animals each day.” Executive Director Steve Ryall says, “We celebrate these partnerships because it is the true mark of our community, coming together, supporting each other and making change for the better.”

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