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Our shelter has been located at the same address for over 120 years. Throughout that time, we have made many modifications to accommodate growth and need, however we have far outlived the acceptable safety and comfort levels for animals and staff alike.

The state of our current shelter and resources are no longer able to meet the demand for our services.

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  • Outdoor spaces and play areas are small and cramped.
  • Cages and enclosures are not meeting industry standards of care.
  • Plumbing issues and roof leaks are a common and recurring problem.
  • Our HVAC system cannot support adequate ventilation, heating, and cooling.

Our 9,890 square foot facility is too small to meet the demand we face:


The capacity our shelter was built for.


The current average capacity.


The capacity our new facility will hold.

Our new facility will be able to comfortably house over 400 animals. Sheltering and providing care for animals in need is our main objective, but we also want to offer more to our community through education initiatives, community spaces and other programs.

How You Can Help

Our forever home will not be possible without your help! We can’t do it without the support and generosity of donors in our community.

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