Needed: More space to run
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Needed: More space to run

Our current limited shelter space does not offer an environment that meets today’s industry standards. Many community members have never stepped foot in the current Clarke Road shelter, and those who have find it eye-opening.

There is no denying that the animals at HSLM are provided with the best possible care, given the current limitations. The staff and volunteer team are dedicated, passionate and work tirelessly to ensure each animal is well cared for.

The urgency to build a new home is apparent in every corner of the current shelter. Dogs need and deserve more space to run. Today we are asking all members of our community to consider how they can help.

Although many dogs have a short stay at HSLM, it is not uncommon for dogs who require medical treatment to stay for months. The lack of space for dogs is one of the largest and most significant problems we face today. This issue will be immediately resolved when we are able to construct and move into our new facility at 1414 Dundas Street.

Today at HSLM our kennels are cramped and close together. Not all dog kennels have indoor/outdoor runs. The indoor kennels are fenced, instead of constructed with industry-standard glass panels. It is a noisy and stressful environment for animals who are already feeling uncertain. Unfortunately, today’s environment can escalate anxiety and reactivity issues in dogs.

Current dog kennels at Humane Society London & Middlesex are not meeting industry standards. This problem will be resolved when we raise enough funds from the community to build our new facility.

Space alone can help to provide increased comfort for a dog in shelter care. A sense of safety, security, and care is offered to dogs in industry-standard facilities. Meeting these standards of care is a core component of our design plans for our new home.

Image of an industry-standard dog kennel (source: Guelph Humane Society). Kennels like this will be provided to dogs in care at HSLM’s new facility on Dundas Street, offering a sense of security and comfort. Significant community donations are required to make our new home a reality.

Exercise is a requirement for a happy and healthy dog; it benefits them both physically and emotionally while decreasing behavioural problems. Today at HSLM we have very limited outdoor space for dogs and the space we do have is situated next to a busy roadOur current outdoor terrain and tight quarters limit the ability for dogs to run, play and receive proper exercise.

Our current outdoor space for dogs is very limited and situated close to a busy road.

Our new facility is designed to offer six acres of safe outdoor space for the animals. This space will provide dogs the ability to run and play, interact with volunteers and staff, and receive proper enrichment. In return, dogs in care will be happier, healthier, and transition easier into their new homes.

Our new facility will offer six acres of outdoor space for animals in care, with open and safe areas similar to this photo from an industry-standard facility (source: Edmonton Humane Society).

What is limiting this from becoming a reality? It comes down to required funds. HSLM has secured $11.5M toward our new building. Another $9.5M is required to make our new home a reality. We simply can not accomplish our goal without the help of our entire community.

We are requesting every community member who is in a position to contribute, to please do so.

Your donation will help enable us to move forward with our plans. A contribution of just $20 can have an incredible impact when given by many individuals. Every dollar counts.

For community members and corporations who have the means to make an elevated contribution we have opportunities to facilitate that. Please consider a pledge to help construct our new building and mark your commitment to the future of animal welfare in our community.

The future of animal welfare in London, Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford depends on us all.

For questions, please contact Lindsay McDermott, Capital Campaign Director via email: or phone: 519-451-0630 ext 1414

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