HSLM now provides animal care and control services for Adelaide-Metcalfe and Southwest Middlesex
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HSLM now provides animal care and control services for Adelaide-Metcalfe and Southwest Middlesex

As of December 1st, 2022, Humane Society London & Middlesex provides animal care and control services for the Township of Adelaide-Metcalfe and the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex. These services include Animal Control By-law enforcement, maintenance of a pound facility, routine patrols, emergency services, statutory animal control officer duties, and other related duties at the request of the township and municipality. 

“Humane Society London & Middlesex has been serving the communities near London for over 100 years and is excited to further partner with the residents of Adelaide-Metcalfe and Southwest Middlesex to improve animal welfare and response standards in these communities,” says Steve Ryall, Executive Director of Humane Society London & Middlesex. 

Humane Society London & Middlesex is located at 624 Clarke Road in London and for animal care & control can be reached at 1-877-909-0519.  

Residents of Adelaide-Metcalfe and/or Southwest Middlesex should call Humane Society London & Middlesex for the following:

  • To report violations of the Township/Municipality Animal Control By-law
  • To report a dog running at large
  • To report a dog bite or aggressive dog
  • To report sick or injured dog or cats
  • To report lost or found pets
  • To report stray dogs

Emergency after-hours services include:

  • Sick or injured dogs and cats
  • Suffering or in immediate distress dog or cat
  • Running in traffic or in danger
  • On-the loose dog acting aggressively to people or pets

For emergency after-hours services, call: 1-877-909-0519 and follow the prompts.

Additional information can be found online:

Animal Cruelty

To report cases of animal cruelty, abandonment or neglect, please call the Province of Ontario’s 24/7 Hotline at 1-833-9ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625). In an emergency, you can also contact your local police.

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