Happy Tails: Humphrey
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Happy Tails: Humphrey

This happy guy didn’t have the happiest start. 

He was discovered in a crate on May 21, 2018 by police officers. Covered in feces and urine, with matted hair – he looked far from cute ball of fluff pictured.

When he was brought in for examination to the vet, they found his Body Condition Score (BCS) to be 1.5 out of 9. An animal’s BCS is how vets assess weight (and prescribe an appropriate diet and exercise plan) – and Humphrey’s body was unfortunately deemed to be in an emaciated state. He was also at risk of re-feeding syndrome, a condition resulting in potentially fatal metabolic shifts that can happen when a patient is reintroduced to nutrition after being severely malnourished for a long period of time.

Humphrey arrived at Humane Society London & Middlesex on May 22, 2018 and in order to get his body functioning normally, they started feeding him very small meals throughout the day. These meals consisted of a strict caloric intake, and that amount was increased slowly over time. He was also weighed often, and as he met each weight goal, the caloric intake of his meals increased to match.

His recovery wasn’t just a lot of weighing and measuring – he also got to have more fun! Being in the shelter meant Humphrey got a chance to learn to be around humans after likely being alone for a long time without any interaction. Regular weigh-ins and socialization eventually got Humphrey to the point of being vet-approved for adoption!

Humphrey didn’t have to wait long to find his forever family. Once he went up for adoption, it only took a very short time before a lucky family scooped him up, and he was on his way home.

Humphrey’s family checked in with Humane Society London & Middlesex after he got adjusted to his new home to let us know that he’s doing great! Congratulations, Humphrey!

Cases of neglect, abandonment and abuse are dealt with on a regular basis by Humane Society London & Middlesex. As a non-profit, charitable organization who receives no Government funding, we rely on the support of our community. Without the generosity of individuals such as yourself, we would be unable to save the lives of precious animals, such as Humphrey.

The best way to help support the care and shelter of animals at Humane Society London & Middlesex is by joining our PAW Monthly Donor Program.

Article written by: Jessica Ireland, Humane Society London & Middlesex Volunteer.

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