Kennel Sponsors

Thank you to our current Dog and Cat Kennel Sponsors!

Dog Kennel Sponsors:

  • Jacquelyn Ball: In memory of Ferbie
  • Bob & Linda Biddle: In memory of Cathy
  • Blake Dawson: In honour of Tracey Peifer
  • Enza DiPasquale: In memory of our beloved Lola
  • Wendy Durnin: In memory of Molly
  • Julie Guard
  • Jane Irwin
  • Jan Luistermans: In Memory of Tango
  • Tracy Nicolle: In memory of our uncle, and great uncle Bill. We know how much he loved dogs.
  • Tamara Witlox Peters
  • Gabriella Prifti
  • Cheryl Vance: In honour of Jonathan Vance
  • Christa Vilos: In memory of Timbit
  • Abate London #9
  • The Bocchini Family: In memory of Sharon Sampson
  • Bo Parsons: In memory of Karen Parsons
  • Lina Dagnino: In memory of Nicola Dagnino
  • Hannah Boers
  • Denise Dykes
  • Chris Rahm: In Honour of Charlie
  • Lynn Chambers and Mark Thompson: In Memory of Maggie
  • Denise Walters
  • Diana Steenbergen
  • Milton and Jean Broderick Charitable Fund

Cat Kennel Sponsors:

  • Cathy and John Grava: In memory of Taku, Riley and Mr. Jiggs
  • Emily Anderson: In memory of Zanzibar
  • Laura Hansford: In honour of Ciara Hansford
  • Thomas, Langston, Moe and Hilde Mastromattei: In honour of Catriona Hoy
  • Bonnie McKim: In memory of Molly & Mingming
  • Ivey MSc Class of 2019: Corporate Support of Ivey MSc Class of 2019
  • Abate London #9 (x2)
  • Investment & Corporate Application Services SunCode 319C08 Sun Life Financial: In memory of Paul Jensen
  • Dezan Social Media: In memory of Bailey
  • Flora Z
  • Josina Connelly
  • Darlene Telfer: In Memory of Phoebe
  • Milton and Jean Broderick Charitable Fund
  • Bonnie McKim

Want To Become a Cat or Dog Kennel Sponsor?

Whether you are looking to promote your business, memorialize a loved one, honour your special furry friend, or simply searching for the perfect gift for that “hard to buy for" person – sponsoring an animal kennel is right for you!

This is the perfect way to show your support for the surrendered, neglected and mistreated pets in London & Middlesex County.

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