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Why We Need Fosters

Some animals in our care are with us for longer stays or would benefit from being in a home during their transition. Fosters make this possible! By providing a comfortable space, support and temporary care you are contributing to a pets journey while they await adoption.

We want to thank you for your willingness and interest in volunteering your time and resources to the animals at the HSLM. With your help, we are not only able to assist more animals, but we can give extra attention to animals in our care that may require more individualized treatment plans.

Why Do We Foster?

Alleviate Shelter Stress

Inside the shelter, noise, smells and constant changes in the environment can overwhelm a pet which can cause stress and anxiety. Foster homes provide nurturing, temporary spaces for dogs, cats and small animals that would benefit from short-term accommodations outside the shelter.

Development & Socialization

Foster homes encourage the normal growth and development of very young, otherwise healthy animals. Puppies and kittens get to experience what life is like in a home, which ultimately will lead to more successful adoptions and transition to their new family.

Short-Term Recovery

Animals that have had surgery or are on a prescribed medical treatment sometimes require more attentive care. With over 200 animals in in the shelter each day, these pets have faster recovery times and are more comfortable during their healing process while in foster. 

Prevent Illness/Disease

Animals, especially puppies and kittens are more susceptible to illness and disease that may be present in the shelter. While we take the utmost care to avoid transmission of sickness from pet to pet, with new animals arriving daily it is best for younger animals to not be in the shelter as they are at the highest risk of infection. Foster homes protect vulnerable pets from potentially contracting illness while in the shelter. 

The goal of this program is to provide temporary care for animals who may need extra support until they are adopted. Whether they are injured, stressed, expecting a litter, orphaned, or otherwise vulnerable, these animals benefit from being in a home environment.

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